Attending the "Wasser Berlin" One of Europe's largest Water Technology conferences

What an amazing conference! We were thrilled to participate in the Wasser Berlin international conference - one of the most important European trade shows related to Water Technology.

We are grateful for all the inspiring people we got to meet, including Fanny Bousquet, Vice Consul and Trade Commissioner for Canada; Dr. Hella Runge, Chief Editor of Deutscher Industrieverlag, who invited us to a champagne reception and discussed including a submission by WaterTap in their upcoming Water Magazine edition (which is downloadable in English from their website by the way, a most informative magazine!) as well as numerous interesting suppliers and manufacturers of amazing water technology. 

We also got to learn a lot about how Cities are coping with floodwater events during the special symposium. For instance, Dirk van Peijpe of De Urbanisten showed some amazing new architectural flood water planning in the city of Rotterdam; Dr. Roeland Hillen of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Den Haag explained new weather "extremes" and Dr. Tobias Hafner, from the Ministry of the Environment in Bavaria outlined the German equivalent strategies. Dr, Eberhard Faust, the Head of Climate Risks Research of MunichRe described some innovative approaches to flood risk managment. 

The conclusion to our visit was that innovative flood management solutions are in high demand!