Regular sump pumps: silent killers.

They lurk in the basements of unsuspecting homeowners, burrowed in the foundation, feeding on excess groundwater that could suddenly flood your house. 

They're silent beasts (you might not even know you have one), except when they produce a varied assortment of growls and thumps.

They're also unpredictable, waiting months or years to strike. They can't be reasoned with.

They can cause an average of $30,000 of damage.

So we built the SafeSump.


The SafeSump is, well, just that.

It's a safer sump pump, designed with the express purpose of making the most failsafe pump ever. 

How is it better than a standard sump pump?

Let us count the ways:



Cloud Control Panel:

The SafeSump™ constantly updates our free, incredibly secure cloud control panel that you can view from anywhere, telling you what's going on with your pump and, if there's a problem, how to fix it.

And no, we don't charge any fees for this.

{Neat, tell me all the details!}

We've got Google-secure infrastructure. All of our cloud systems are hosted on Google servers. Nobody will ever get into our servers, and they'll never shut down. Each member of the team has a security key that unlocks the system.

We've also got securely encrypted transmissions. Everything that is transferred to or from the SafeSump, from settings to email alerts to firmware upgrades, is secured with industry standard AES-128 encryption, trusted by banks and the U.S. Government.


Failsafe emails/ texts and autonomous operation:

Situation: power is gone out. There's no internet. You're on vacation.

Normal pump: your house floods. End of line. 

SafeSump™: Our systems detect that your SafeSump™ has gone offline (magic!) and alerts you. Your SafeSump's battery backup holds the fort until help arrives.


Sonic water detection:

Sump pumps have float switches that turn the pump on and off. Frayed wires (yes, we've had that) and sunken floats (we've had this too) can all cause your sump pump to fail and your basement to flood. 

The SafeSump uses a beam of sound to accurately detect the water level.

Sound can't sink, and there are no moving parts to break.


Variable Pump Speed:

Most sump pumps just turn on every 5 minutes or so at full speed, then shut off. This makes a huge amount of noise, creates unnecessary wear and tear and risk of burnout and can allow water to freeze in the pipes. Instead, our proprietary technology  adapts to the incoming water speed. In normal conditions, the pump never even cycles; using information from the sensor, it runs continuously at the lowest possible speed to keep your water level constant.


Two Pumps and Controllers.

No more pump failure anxiety. If the primary pump fails, the controller will seamlessly switch to the backup pump, and you can replace the primary at your leisure.


Battery backup controller and charger.

Power failure? No problem. Connect any standard 12v battery to the SafeSump™ and get roughly 20-40 hours on battery backup.* Oh, and the SafeSump™ has a custom-designed smart charger built in that carefully coddles your battery to get the maximum life out of it.

We just don’t like having water in our basement, you know?
— The SafeSump Team
Daniel Correia - Technology

Daniel Correia - Technology

At barely 18, he has 10+ years/ 10,000+ hours in electronics.  FIRST Robotics at age 10, Ontario Summer Start-up Company at 15. SAT/ACT exam at 15 in top 2% of North America, university courses for engineering started at 16. But most importantly, extremely passionate about technology and very driven and determined.


Doris Mittwollen - Business Development

Doris Mittwollen - Business Development

20 years entrepreneur; financial, business and management experience in bringing projects from idea to completion; business university degree;  instrumental in start-up of Collingwood Smart Water Innovation Group and involved in plans for Water Tech Cluster.



Brian Correia - all things practical

Brian Correia - all things practical

25 years as entrepreneur; experience in all things mechanical, electrical, machining, trades & supplies; degree and license in HVAC & building management.


J.V. Partner:





With 17+ years industry experience &  proprietary water modelling IT, Greenland built contacts in the municipal and insurance sector, but more so, President R. Mark Palmer and Eric Palmer are important mentors. 

Supported by:

How's our security?

We've taken security really, really seriously. Everything about this device, from the server to the pump to the WiFi connection, has been carefully considered with security in mind. 

The SafeSump controller has not one, but two computers built in. One handles almost everything; internet, primary pump speed, ultrasonic sensing, battery charging, and more; it can also be remotely upgraded with new features and firmware. The other one is a factory pre-programmed security co-processor.

Everything that is transferred to or from the SafeSump, from settings to email alerts to firmware upgrades is secured with industry standard AES encryption, trusted by banks and the U.S. Government. 

All of our cloud systems are hosted on Google servers. Nobody gets into our servers, and they'll never shut down.

Why are we telling you all of this?

Because we don't rely on obscurity for our security.




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